School Farm to Table Pilot Program Background

The idea for this food consciousness pilot program grew out of the Kalamazoo Community Foundation’s recent sponsorship of Michael Pollan’s visit to Kalamazoo as part of the Healing Arts Speaker Series.

We at Lake Village Homestead Farm have long believed that an appreciation for nature’s role in supporting our health and happiness is vital to the well-being of the Kalamazoo community. Thriving nature and farm land are essential to providing healthy and abundant food as well as healthy citizens.

Lake Village Homestead Farm would like to utilize its 43 years of ecological farming experience to help in creating a pilot program to explore solving a variety of educational, environmental, health and food related issues by creating food consciousness within our schools. We believe children benefit greatly from trying new things and having new experiences. This pilot program will attempt to offer a variety of hands on interactive experiences to a diverse group of students relating to raising, preparing, and protecting food sources and the earth that sustains us.

Program Outline:
Week 1)  Intro – Classroom education and discussion related to upcoming experiences at Lake Village and Zazios.

Week 2)  Hands-on Learning – Children will participate in activities at Lake Village Homestead Farm relating to raising, preparing, and protecting food sources and the essential surrounding natural environment.

Week 3)  Chef’s table at Zazios – Children will dine on a healthily prepared meal composed in part of ingredients the students chose while at Lake Village. While at the meal, the idea of food as medicine will be discussed.

Week 4)  Outro – Reflection and discussion by relating the farm and dining experiences back to medicine, math, ecology, chemistry, biology, fitness, relationships, environment and future jobs as well as to our daily lives.

For more information about this program please contact: 
Tony Kaufman 
Lake Village Homestead Farm 
7943 S. 25th Street Kalamazoo, MI 49048
Phone: (269) 808-2529
School Farm To Table Pilot Program