Farming cannot take place except in Nature, therefore, if Nature does not thrive, farming cannot thrive. But we know too the Nature includes us. It is not a place into which we can reach from some safe standpoint outside it. We are in it and are a part of it while we use it. If it does not thrive, we cannot thrive. The appropriate measure of farming then is the world's health and our health, and it is inescapably one measure.

- Wendell Berry

About Us
The Lake Village Homestead Farm Cooperative grew
out of an environmentally oriented educational research program, originally motivated by B.F. Skinner's book "Walden Two". Presently this extended family co-op occupies a mile and one half of lake shoreline and approximately 300 acres of forest, meadow, wetlands and farmland. The 220 acres of lake front is owned by a non-profit corporation dedicated to preserving the natural habitat and sustainable agriculture. The farmland and shoreline are protected from non-farm development through enrollment in various local and state farm and open space protection programs.

The other acreage in the farm co-op belongs to individual families, many of whom at one time lived at the Lake Village Homestead and continue, in varying degrees, their association with its programs. Lake Village is an educational center for all ages that affords the opportunity for individuals to experience all aspects of building construction and manufacture, milking goats, feeding and watering livestock, grooming horses, collecting eggs, gardening, hunting, fishing, etc. while at the same time serving as a working farm.

By helping people gain a better understanding of their food source, Lake Village serves as a constant reminder the the earth, air and water constitute our real wealth.

Lake Village is sustained on a day to day basis by individuals who live and work on the farm, while others live there and work elsewhere. Everyone, however, helps with chores, general homestead maintenance and are dedicated to serving the land. Over the past thirty years, approximately 300 people have joined this intentional family setting and contributed greatly to its survival. We consider ourselves a fortunate member of the greater Kalamazoo community which we respect as an integral part of nature's fabric. In this spirit, we work to promote the ecologically sound environment necessary for our children's children to survive and reap the future blessings of a healthy Mother Earth. The land is is carefully managed and shared between goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, peacocks, horses, pigs, dogs, cats, cattle, people, non-domestic mammals, amphibians and reptilians. All animals are free to roam in their pastures. All gardening is done without the use of synthetic-chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

Lake Village Homestead Farm
7943 S. 25th St.
Kalamazoo, MI 49048
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Farm Cooperative
phone: 269-323-3629