Educational Programs
Interactive Farm Workshops

Our interactive educational programs engage children of all ages in hands-on experiences that reveal the value of the Earth, Air, Water and animals that help sustain all life.

Lake Village Homestead Farm aims to positively impact the lives of all children by creating a platform for learning about agriculture and the natural world. Farm visitors will have the opportunity to milk a goat, feed and water animals, harvest chicken eggs, ride a pony, sow seeds, explore pastures and discover forests. Children that are emotionally or physically engaged in these types of learning experiences develop personal connections to the the land and their food. In this regard, the farm provides a dynamic living laboratory in hopes of creating positive transformations within schools and their associated communities.

Experiential learning workshops range in cost depending on class size, experiences, meal preparation and length of workshop.

Speaking Engagements

Roger Ulrich has a Ph.D. in psychology; he was the Department head of the Psychology Department at WMU and research professor for 30 years. Roger co-founded the Learning Village preschool (which continues today) and consulted on behavior and learning issues at schools throughout Kalamazoo. Roger is from an Amish/Mennonite farming background. He co-founded the Lake Village Homestead Farm in 1971 which continues today as an eco village, CSA, agrarian learning center, farm coop, farmland, wildlife and wetland preservation organization with school to farm programs. Lake Village raises most varieties of farm animals and protects 300 acres of farmland and 1.5 miles of lake shore. The farm continues to create housing for dozens of people looking for opportunities to get in touch with the earth and teaches hundreds of students each year from where their food comes from.

Farm to School

If your school or community group can’t come to the farm, Lake Village Farm will bring the farm to you!  The farm can bring animals such as chickens and goats for school functions and parties. For special events we can provide horse and buggy or pony rides. Lake Village Farm facilitates seasonal functions such as cider making, as well as supplying you with our own local foods including hormone and pesticide free meats, cheeses and vegetables.

In addition, Lake Village Farm is a fantastic resource for consultation involving gardening, including on site evaluations and assistance with planting and ongoing garden maintenance.  We will also help with setting up an egg incubation project in the classroom and support with the chicks once they have hatched.

Farm Cooperative

The Behavior Development Corporation DBA 
Lake Village Farm is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  
Donations are tax deductible and can be designated to this program.
Lake Village Homestead Farm
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