Lake Village Homestead Farm
7943 S. 25th St.
Kalamazoo, MI 49048
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Farm Housing
Lake Village is owned and operated by a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation and all individuals living at Lake Village consider themselves servants of the land working both on and off the farm contributing in countless ways towards its survival. Workers who reside on the farm contribute a monthly share based on individual and family needs which takes into consideration number of people, pets, cars and space needed etc... Workers past experiences and abilities are of course all taken into consideration when determining balance barter between energy intake and outflow.

Shared housing members have access to washing facilities, basketball court, gardening plots, beach area for boating and swimming, trails for hiking and horse back riding, a community center and above all healthy food.

In short, Lake Village is sustained on a day to day basis by some individuals who live and work on the farm, while others live there and also work elsewhere. Everyone helps with chores, general homestead maintenance and participate in some fashion in this farm home school's overall wellbeing.

On becoming a member of Lake Village community people acknowledge a willingness    to commit to community supported agriculture  thus promoting the continued preservation of farmland and the generations of farmers needed to raise the healthy food necessary for our community's survival.

Since 1971, Lake Village Homestead has offered a variety of opportunities on the farm for all persons regardless of age, gender, religion, nationality or sexual orientation.

The original farm house, built in the 1860's, makes   up one of approximately 12 homesteads occupied by Lake Village supporter and members. Together these homes serve to shelter people who work and help the Lake Village farm operation survive. The central farm area has two single family dwellings and several refurbished barns. Over the years, the ageing barns were improved with electricity, drywall, plumbing and heating. Some early farm participants began using these buildings as well as tents, teepees, vans etc. for shelter as they commuted to classes at WMU, KVCC, K-College, jobs in town or work directly on the farm. These buildings also served as space which allowed for a variety of agricultural related activities such as community meals, meetings, educational seminars, retreats and other farm related projects which continue in varying degrees today.

In 1995, Lake Village was notified that the improved buildings could not be used as permanent housing to shelter farm workers at Lake Village. Efforts were thus made to increase the square footage for family housing that began in the early 1970's and which continues to this date. All Lake Village homes are  thus considered by Pavilion Township as single family housing defined as: "One or more persons living as a single, non-profit housekeeping unit as distinguished from individuals or groups occupying a hotel, club, fraternity or sorority house. The family shall be deemed to include necessary servants when servant share the common housekeeping facilities and services."
Farm Cooperative
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